Message of support for Programme One


“I am delighted to provide a letter of support for Programme One which intends to remove barriers to entry and progression for Black talent across the recruitment sector.


Programme One provides an important catalyst for change. Recruitment is the gateway to employment and recruiters hold the keys. The cultural and demographic change that Programme One can bring to recruitment will be instrumental in all our ambitions to ensure that every person, regardless of their ethnicity or background, is able to fulfil their potential at work.


I applaud the members of Programme One for their commitment to data transparency which is one of the recommendations in my report ‘Race in the workplace’. Being held accountable for their aspirations and promises will be a key driver for employers.


The holistic programme also commits members to improving their talent attraction methods to access wider talent pools whilst mandating diversity and inclusion training within the organisation. This will help build inclusive cultures to the benefit of all underrepresented groups. The provision of mentoring as part of the programme will contribute to retention and progression, which is another area highlighted as leading to the underrepresentation of those from racialised minority groups.


The goal of 500 more Black recruiters annually is a fantastic starting point and I encourage all recruitment firms to sign up to the strategic ambitions of Programme One so that this target can be easily met and surpassed. Programme One members are taking action to address workplace inequality for Black talent within the Recruitment Industry and they have my wholehearted support”.


Baroness McGregor-Smith