Mentor Scheme

The mentoring aims to provide consultants with confidence, knowledge, and support to want to stay in the recruitment industry.

The mentoring also allows the mentors to learn about the challenges, perceptions, and barriers from their Black mentee’s perspective, in order to apply these learnings to their business. This way, the mentor can educate their company and gain essential insight that will enable them to achieve the other strategic objectives of Programme One.

Reverse-Mentoring is when a younger/less experienced member is paired with a more senior team member to also mentor them on various topics of strategic and cultural relevance.

Benefits of Mentoring

    • Be supported with personal development in the recruitment industry
    • Identify and achieve career goals within recruitment
    • Be helped to identify and correct gaps in skills, knowledge and perceptions within the industry
    • Increase your confidence and participation in the industry
    • Develop broader perspective on career options and opportunities
    • Be inspired by a senior role model
    • Develop leadership skills which could lead to a management position