What is Programme One?

In November 2020, eight recruitment companies came together.

They came together to discuss removing the inequalities which are restricting and inhibiting the engagement of Black talent in the recruitment sector.

They came together for change. Nine months later on June 1st Programme One was born.

The Equity, Diversity & Inclusion agenda in the workplace is huge…there are a host of projects and initiatives that cover Gender & Gender identity, Ethnicity, Age, Sexual Orientation, Religion & Belief and Disability.

All in their own right and their own way making a difference.

Within our sector there isn’t one that addresses underrepresentation of Black recruiters. A disproportionate underrepresentation.

Whilst there is demonstrated underrepresentation across multiple ethnic groups Programme One seeks to address the historic nature of this imbalance in relation to Black experiences.

All forms of discrimination are significant…Eliminating systemic racism across Asian, Black and all minority ethnic groups is a long term ambition, yet it is people with Black heritage who are most underrepresented.

Change will only come through action.

Programme One delivers meaningful change that challenges bias, improves equality of opportunity and enhances equity.

Simply put…Programme One is a promise and a commitment that collectively and as a force of companies we will be part of removing inequality for Black talent within our industry.